Property Investment and Search :

The time consuming and delicate process of locating, comparing, and visiting many prospects for investment can be attended to by JS consulting. We leave our clients with two or three excellent, and well vetted, options to carefully make a final decision.

Loans/Lender Search and Acquisition:

Find lenders and organizations to assist in the financial matters of your projects, and act as a liaison where necessary.

Building Condition Assessments:

Evaluating the condition and performance of your building(s) for either specific components, an entire facility, or a portfolio of buildings. Assisting you with long term maintenance / capital planning.

Due Diligence Evaluations:

Providing a complete facility assessment — an invaluable negotiation tool — for acquisitions / divestitures, refinancing, and insurance requirements. We help you understand and quantify what capital projects / expenditures should be planned for. 

Building Envelope Investigations:

Providing you valuable assistance in assessing the integrity of the building envelope systems (roof, windows, cladding, sealants waterproofing drainage systems). We help identify issues affecting the performance, and enjoyment, of the building, and provide rehabilitation options and services.


Cost-effective evaluation of your building, and its structural components: foundations, columns, walls, roof structures, floor slabs, etc. This includes buildings of all construction materials: reinforced concrete, masonry, steel, or timber. 

Contract Admin / Project Management:

Managing projects so that all stages of a repair/restoration are properly managed, from tendering to completion. We ensure that the work is completed as designed, and to the intended standard, protecting the corporation’s interests.